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TATA Infotech Placement Papers

31 October 2010 No Comment

TATA Infotech is one of the very well known Information Technology IT company. It is known for its services. There are many offices globally of TATA Infotech. The company recruits many engineers every year for proper functioning of the company. This is a very good company where you can apply and get  a secure job.

TATA Infotech Selection Pattern : The selection is based on written test and interview. The written test is divided into 5 sections. The first section is verbal. In this there are 32 questions for which 8 minutes are given. In this synonyms are asked. Second Section is on Letters. There are 24 questions for which 10 minutes are allotted. Third Section is on Numerical containing 32 question in just 6 minutes. In this you have to be really very fast. The questions are based on basic Mathematics. Fourth Section is on Reasoning. For this 20 minutes are given for 20 questions. The last section i.e fifth section is on Graphical containing 7 questions for 35 minutes.

TATA Infotech Placement Papers :
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper 4
Paper 5
Paper 6
Paper 7
Paper 8
Paper 9
Paper 10
Paper 11
Paper 12
Paper 13
Paper 14

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