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29 October 2010 No Comment

Subex Azure is an IT company which was established in 1992 by Subhash Menon. This company works to provide Operations Support System solutions to the telecom operators. The business of this company is spread all over the world with about 150 installations in about 60 countries.

Subex Azure is a leading service provider to reputed Communication Service Providers such as IPTV, Triple Play, Quad Play and many advanced architectures such as IMS.
Subex recruits engineers every year for proper functioning of the company.

Subex Azure Selection Pattern : The selection is based on written test, 3 technical interview and 1 HR interview. So you have to clear 5 rounds for getting selected in Subex.
The written test is divided into 2 sections. The first section is objective test in which there are 20 questions for which 30 minutes are allotted. For every wrong answer 1/2 mark will be deducted. The section section is Programming section in which there are 2 questions and you have to attempt only one. The time allotted for this is 30 minutes.

Subex Placement Papers :
Paper 1
Paper 2

Paper 3
Paper 4
Paper 5
Paper 6
Paper 7
Paper 8
Paper 9
Paper 10

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