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Sapient Placement Papers

20 October 2010 No Comment

Sapient is an interactive and professional services company. The headquarter is in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It also  has the offices in India, Asia, North America, Australia and Europe. Sapient provides services in design, marketing, web and interactive development, media planning and development of mobile etc.

Sapient Placement Pattern : There is written test, group discussion and interview. In written test, In the technical round of written test, the candidates have to write 2 programs in any language but preferred ones is in c++ and Java. The time allotted for this is 1 hour. The interview is of two rounds. Fist one is Technical interview and 2nd one is HR interview.

Sapient Placement Papers :
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper 4
Paper 5
Paper 6
Paper 7

Paper 8
Paper 9
Paper 10
Paper 11
Paper 12

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