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NCERT Syllabus for Class 4

17 July 2010 No Comment

The main aim of National Council of Educational Research & Training ( NCERT ) is to assist & support the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare in the filed of education like implementing the major policies for the upliftment & improving the education in India. This is the primary & basic system of education.

NCERT syllabus Class 4 : In class 4, the subjects which are included in CBSE board are English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi & Social Studies.
The Class 4 English book is Marigold. There are 10 units in this. Each unit has 2 lessons. In first unit, the lessons are Wake Up & Naha’s Alarm Clock. The lessons in second unit are Noses & The Little Fir Tree.
Class 4 Maths book is MathMagic.. It has got 14 chapters. The chapters are Building with Bricks, Long & Short, A Trip to Bhopal, Tick-Tick-Tick, The Way The World Looks, The Junk Seller, Jugs & Mugs, Cart & Wheels etc.
Class 4 EVS Social Science Book is Looking Around. There are 26 chapters in this. The first one is Going to School. Others are A Day with Nandu, The story of Amrita, Omana’s Journey, The Valley of Flowers etc.


In order to download the Class 4 books with entire content, visit this link.

To download the class 4 syllabus, visit this link.

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