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GRE Syllabus

14 February 2010 17 Comments

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. One has to clear this to get admission to US & Canadian graduate school. This test the mental intelligence & decision taking capacity under pressure of those who want to get admission in US & Canadian universities.This is conducted by ETS under the sponsorship of Graduate Record Examination Board.

GRE Syllabus :

GRE consists of 4 sections which are as follows –

  1. Section 1 & section 2 – These are analytical writing section. The duration of this is 75 mins i.e. 1hr & 15 mins. In this, applicant has to write 2 essay. This tests the ability to analyse & writing ability. Also it test the ability to support ideas with relevant reasons, examples  & to control the elements of standard written English.
  2. Section 3 is verbal section. It is of 30 mins. It contains 30 multiple choice questions (objective questions). This section contains 7 sentence completion, 8 reading comprehension & 9 antonym questions. The candidate will not have any choice to come back to previous one or skip one as it is all computerized. So be very decisive in marking any.
  3. Section 4 is Quantitative section. There are 28 questions which has to be done in 45 mins. There will be 14 quantitative comparison questions whereas 14 are problem solving questions.

GRE Score : It is calculated as – Total no. of questions answered, No. of questions answered correctly, difficulty level of questions answered, two candidates who have no.of correct answers then who answered the difficult questions will be given higher score.

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  • Rakesh kr. Yadav said:

    Sir pls tell me how to prepare for GRE,TOFEL exam and also tell me what is the future in this

  • Keerthi said:

    is there any fee to write gre exam

  • Anurag said:

    respected sir,
    I am a student of 3nd year and i have plans to do GRE so sir please guide me that what kind of preparations can i do from now onwards.

  • GRE Practice Test Papers GRE Sample Test Papers Free Download said:

    […] GRE Test : This is divided into 4 sections. Section1 & 2 are Writing section. Every candidate will be given 75 minutes to attempt this. You have to write 2 essays under this. Section 3 is of 30 minutes containing 30 questions in which you have to answer them verbally. Section 4 is Quantitative section containing 28 questions to be solved in 45 minutes. […]

  • jyothirmaye said:

    sir is there any necessary to write gre exam to go us and say me the details of gre and tofel

  • jyothirmaye said:

    sir i want a complete details about gre and tofel to do my ms in usa.
    presently am doing my bpharmacy 3rd year plz send me the details as soon as possible

  • aditya said:

    sir i want to know the engenerring courses in U.S.A.
    name of universites and what is the crieteria for addmission after twelth class.
    what is the process and requirements.

  • Rohit said:

    Respected sir,
    Sir i want to know the exact syllabus of GRE. topic wise
    Thanking You,

  • vivek yadav said:

    Respected sir,
    sir i am in 3rd year in engg & i want to do my M.S.from USA.
    so i want to know how should i prepare myself for this test.
    Thanking You,

  • vasundhra shrestha said:

    Respected sir,
    i want to do phd in botany in U.S.A so what are the preparation i need to take and what are the prospects of TOEFL and GRE

  • rajiv said:

    sir, tell how to prepare fo r GRE & TOEfl

  • naresh said:

    Respected sir,
    i want do M.S in US ,I am present prepare GRE,TOEFL ,so how to acheive good marks

  • amarpreet kaur said:

    respected sir
    i m a 3rd yr student of graduation. i want 2 give GRE entrance test.so plz guide me .tell me how should i prepare for GRE n what should i do….what iz d exact syllabus n what iz d exam format….
    thanking u

  • raghu said:

    Respected sir,
    iam studying 2nd year btech ,iwant to prepare for gre test,could u pls tell me how to prepare for gre
    thanking you

  • Surinder said:

    plz tel me about the GRE notification , min. % in graduation rqd to be eligible for the same and also refer books for preparation..will it be benefitial if i get some earlier exam ques papers of GRE as the pattern has changed..plz rpl as soon as possible………

  • Nehal said:

    Respecred Sir,

    I would like to know that, how much score needed in the GRE and TOEFL to get the admission directly in the Ph.D program. Currently I am working with the TCS (TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES). I have completed my Masters in the Industrial Mathematics in 2007 form M.S. University Baroda.

    Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

  • sagar said:

    sir is there any necessary to write gre exam to go us and say me the details of gre and tofel

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