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Common Defence Service CDS Exam Syllabus

16 February 2010 One Comment

Those Indian Citizens who wants to service for their motherland & are ready to take any challenges in life has to give CDS exam to gets himself recruited in Army, Navy or Air Force a per their choice.

First of all you should know the pattern of exam & CDS exam selection procedure. After this only you will understand about the syllabus. The CDS exam has very easy subjects & standard of exam is also very basic.

CDS Exam Syllabus : There will be 3 papers in written test – English, General knowledge & Elementary Mathematics.

English Syllabus – The question paper is designed to check the understanding ability of English of the candidate. The standard of paper is of graduate level. The candidate should prepare English Grammar properly.

Mathematics Syllabus –  There will be questions from arithmetic like number system, natural no. integers, fundamental operations (subtraction, multiplication, addition, decimal fractions, square roots ), Urinary method like time & distance, percentages, time & work, profit & loss, interest, Elementary number theory like HCF, LCM, Multiples & factors, division algorithm, prime & composite no. factorization theorem, Algebra like simple factors, basic operations, remainder theorem, theory of polynomials, quadratic equations, sets, laws of indices, rational expression & conditional identities, Trigonometry like sine X, cosine X, tangent X , simple trigonometry identities, trigonometry tables usage, solving heights & distances questions, Geometry like lines, planes, theorems on properties of angles at a point, parallel lines, sides & angles of triangle, congruency of triangles, similar triangles, concurrence of medians  &altitudes, properties of angles, sides & diagonals of parallelograms, rectangle & square, circle & its properties, loci, Mensuration like rectangles, square, circle, triangle, parallelogram, areas of figures, surface area & volume of cuboids, spheres, lateral surface & volume of  cylinders & right circular cones, statistics like collection & tabulation of statistical data, graphical representation, frequency polygons, bar charts, histograms, pie charts.

General Knowledge syllabus – There will be questions on current affairs, day to day activity of the country, history of India, Geography.

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