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CBSE NCERT Syllabus for Class 5

16 July 2010 No Comment

Central Board of Central Education introduce the books of NCERT in class V. NCERT has th epower to change the syllabus in each class. This is done by eight constituents of NCERT. These are located in various cities of India like New Delhi, Bhopal, Ajmer, Bhubaneswar etc.

NCERT Syllabus class 5 : The subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies & Hindi.
Class 5 English book name is Marigold. It has got 10 units. Every unit has 2 lessons. The first unit has Ice cream Man & Wonderful waste lessons. The lessons in Unit 2 is Teamwork & Flying Together.
Class 5 Mathematics book is MathMagic. It has 14 chapters. In class 5th, introduction to shapes & geometry is taught.
Class 5 Science book is Looking Around. There are 22 chapters.

To download each book, visit this link.
To download the syllabus of Class 7, visit this link.

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