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9 February 2011 No Comment

Now there has been a tough competition among everyone for the placements. As a result, the level of placement procedure has also become tougher. The recruitment committee pay more concern on the aptitude and technical questions. Also other fields like general awareness, computers, English language etc are given equal importance at the same time.

It is always better for you to search for all types of questions that are asked in the exam. This will help you in preparation and knowing the type of questions that are asked in various kinds of exams. It is also important to take care of that you have the latest papers with you. This is important because the trend of questions asked may be changed every year. This will be of great use.

Aptitude Questions And Answers asked in Placements :

Paper 1
Paper 2

Paper 3

Paper 4
Paper 5
Paper 6
Paper 7
Paper 8
Paper 9
Paper 10
Paper 11
Paper 12
Paper 13
Paper 14

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